Tuesday, December 21, 2010

preparing the wedding guest list

b2b readers, have you start preparing the guest list for your wedding?
well, it is the first step in planning a successful wedding.
it is so much important to determine how many people will be invited to the wedding, since the size will affect the overall wedding expenses.

first and foremost, start by setting a goal for the list size, which basically base on the budget and not to forget the space that you have.
then, ask your parents and family members to help you in building the list.
to make it easier, categorize your list into few categories - e.g. relatives, parents' friends, neighbours, friends, siblings' friends, etc.

please know that in general people will attend your wedding in groups - e.g. with kids for the parents - so don't forget to multiply the names with 3.
normally, one quarter of those invited will not attend.
so basically you can invite more people but not too many.
after that, sum up the names and compare the number with the goal.

to help you clearly understand, i put it in a formula:

goal = the names * 0.75 * 3
the names = goal / 2.25

e.g. you expect 1000 pax of attendances. so number of invites = 1000 / 2.25 = 444 to 445.

usually occurs, you have to narrow down the list, which you may need to eliminate some of the names.
narrowing down the guest list will be one of the most challenging tasks.
rule of thumb, save the spots for the most important people in your life.

mungkin gambarajah di bawah dapat membantu.

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all the best!

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