Monday, December 20, 2010

wedding hantaran

taking advantage of the year end sale, we already bought some stuffs for the wedding hantaran.

as decided by both parties, wedding hantaran will be 5 trays from him, which will be reciprocated with 7 trays from me.
anyway here's the list (wedding ring and maskahwin are not included).

groom to bride
1) sireh
2) quran & sejadah - checked
3) telekung
4) grooming set - checked
5) handbag

bride to groom
1) sireh
2) quran & sejadah
3) grooming set - checked
4) wallet & belt - checked
5) jam
6) cake
7) chocolate

changes or updates to the list may occur without notice.

he asked for a ps3, in which i reluctantly agree.
nak kahwin ke nak main game? haha kejam.
even if he really wants, no need to make it as one of the hantarans.
make it as a birthday gift pun okay kan.
sebab kalau jadi hantaran, mula-mula kahwin dah sibuk main ps3.

gambar hiasan: self-made hantaran oleh bakal sepupu

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