Thursday, December 23, 2010

brand's innershine prune essence

since last ramadhan until my engagement day, i never go a day without it.
i took at least a bottle of it everyday, at night before i went to sleep.
at that time, i feel like i have treated my body really well.

i didn't care about the "radiance and beauty from within" that have been promoted in the advert.
or "say goodbye to dull complexion, sallow and lifeless skin" tagline.

what i like about the product are the health benefits that it has to offer.
-high fibre: helps you maintain a healthy digestive system and promote good bowel movement.
-inulin and oligofructose: these highly effective prebiotics help improve digestion by promoting good intestinal bacteria and a healthier digestive system.
-vitamin c: to help reproduce collagen for your skin's elasticity and youthful apperance.
-iron: nourishes blood circulation by carrying more oxygen to the cells.
-anti-oxidants: with twice as much antioxidants as other fruits, prune protect your body cells against free radical damage and, that helps delay the aging process so you'll look young and healthy.

anyway, you can read more on the health benefits here.

i think it works wonders in helping me doing my "business" every morning.
and it actually made me feel great about myself.
pathetic kan hihiks i know.

since my e-day, i've stopped taking it because i have to save my money for other things that are much more important, e.g. barang hantaran.
and now i feel really bad for not taking a good care of myself.

i think i'll switch to prune juice since it is a cheaper option than the prune essence.
i know that prune essence is more concentrated than ordinary prune juice.
still, it is better than nothing, no?

but i have to be extra careful in selecting the prune juice.
there are so many prune juices in the market.
most importantly, it has to be sugar- and preservative-free.

apa la yang i membebel ni?


Zana De Touch said...

kesihatan dalaman pun jaga..

take care, dear..


white purple flower said...

thanks zana.