Tuesday, November 30, 2010

searching for the perfect palette

for the past few weeks, i've been thinking about colors, color and colors.
it's about searching for the perfect palette for my wedding.

i was having issues on deciding on color combination until i ran into this very nice and helpful website for reference, theperfectpalette.blogspot.com.
thank goodness we've internet!
it's a lot easier for me to plan and decide on the wedding theme palette.
tak dapat bayangkan macammana mak2 nenek2 kita pilih warna tema dulu hihiks!

actually i've already decided on the main colors for both solemnization and at-myhome reception.
it is GOLD for the solemnization and MAUVE for at-myhome reception.
bride and groom will be wearing whites, of course.
families will be wearing those main colors.
and as i'll be using the same pelamin for both events, the pelamin must match with both theme colors.
same goes to the room decorations, canopy, and other decorations.

so this is the chosen so called perfect palette for my solemnization.
gold, light brown, light pink, and off-white.

and this is for at-myhome reception.
it's the combination of mauve, light  pink, pink, cranberry red, gold, and off-white.

ada yang cakap dengan i - purple?again?
yes, i am a purple (and pink) freak.
so what? it's my wedding, thank you.

hey, lagipun haritu tunang more to plum and magenta lah.
and these palettes for wedding are much softer than the engagement, no?
ohh tapi i cinta jugak plum, magenta,fuchsia pink, dark purple, deep pink and all those dramatic vibrant colors.
might have been using hint of those type of colors, maybe for the bridesmaids?

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