Saturday, November 27, 2010

diamonds are women's BFF

lately, i've been seeing many of marrying couples giving a bangle or bracelet for post-akad ceremony as substitute for a wedding band.
and since i've already got 3 rings from my sayang - cincin anniversary, cincin risik and cincin tunang - i was also thinking about doing the same thing too.

but i have to admit that i am quite traditional in this matter.
which i strongly think that rings are considered as a symbol of love and a promise of unity.
so, wedding ring it is.

it is quite challenging (and exciting!) to choose and decide on my wedding ring.
i have to consider many aspects before i can truly decide on which kind of ring that i really want and what is the best type of ring for me.

there are two things that are really bothering me.
#1: i'll be wearing my wedding ring for a very long time.
#2: my wedding ring will be my new BFF.

which kind of ring that i really want?
so.. since we all know that "diamonds are women's best friend", i personally think that there is no better option than to have a diamond ring for my wedding.
i know that traditionally diamond rings are more popular for engagement and wedding bands are for wedding.
but for reasons stated above, i opted to have a diamond wedding ring.
so let me rephrase the statement above - "diamonds are women's best friend forever".

what is the best type of ring for me?
there are lots of variety of shapes and cuts of diamonds e.g. princess cut, emerald cut, marquise cut, round cut, pear cut, etc.
and i chose to have a round one.
round cut diamonds have a charm that other cuts didn't have.
round cut diamonds are the simplest cut among all which perfectly define "less is more".
please mind that reasons are based on my personal preference, so don't get offended if you are more into other types of diamonds.

final decision is to have a round diamond solitaire ring.

so yesterday, me and my sayang went to midvalley to buy the wedding ring.
and i've got myself into new puzzle - nak batu tenggelam ke timbul.

sudah! i tak buat research camne ni. cemas cemas.

so i asked the sales assistant, which one does he prefer? - dia suka yang timbul.
i asked him "why?" - dia cakap kalau diamond timbul, dari tepi pun boleh nampak shining shining ma. lagipun kalau ini solitaire ring memang sesuai dengan bentuk timbul. lebih klasik. kalau yang tenggelam ni moden sikit lah.

i asked my sayang, which one? - dia suka yang timbul.
"why?" - sebab yang timbul tu lagi murah 90 hengget dari yang tenggelam :|

since both of them chose the same one, it is easier for me to make decision.
i like the reasons that the sales assistant gave to me.
i can see the shining diamond even from the side view, just like he said.
and i just love when he said that the design is classic.

back to the reason that i'll be wearing it for a long time, i desperately need something evergreen.
yes, i really need a classic one.

and yes, i chose that one!

and i am a happy lady now.

gambar hiasan: my cincin risik and cincin tunang


nYomeL said...

gud choice~!! i love the classic one too.. :)

white purple flower said...

nyomel - :)

pelangi said...

eh da beli da?
bagus2...aku punya pun timbul jgak..
ko beli white gold ke?

white purple flower said...

yup2 dah beli :) a ah this time nak ikut apa yang aku white gold lah.tunang dah yellow gold.