Thursday, November 25, 2010


remember this entry on wedding favor?

i've stated in the post that i prefer something simple and lovely for the favors.
just a small gift for the attendances.

at first, i decided not to give any favors for my e-day's attendances.
because i tried to minimize the budget as minimal as i can.

but a week before my engagement day, i had my lunch at a restaurant named "taste" at seksyen 9, bandar baru bangi.
near to the restaurant is a shop which i don't remember the name but with the banner of "premium gifts" hanging in front of the shop.
so i just thought of paying a visit since i never came into that gift shop before.

the owner is a friendly chinese lady.

i didn't plan to buy anything from that shop until i saw this favor box which i really like.
i like the abstract purple pattern on that box.
plus the price is only 30cents per box.
so i made some quick calculations in my head - if i buy 300pcs, it will cost me rm90 only.

i smsed my brother's girlfriend who's doing a cupcake business - how much it will cost for 300pcs of small sized muffins.
she replied with a figure that i think reasonable enough.

so, i bought the box!

cikpuancuppies delivered the ordered muffins a day before my engagement day.
my sisters were helping me putting in the muffin into the box.
anyway, we put 2pcs of an extra small sized muffins into each box.
and the muffins fit in the box nicely.

and that's it!
the story of my engagement favor.


anaztasias aira said...

hai salam kenal b2b. tema kita sama. jom exchange link. i link n folo u ek. let share idea =)

white purple flower said...

hi.thanks sbb singgah blog ni :) jom share idea.