Tuesday, November 30, 2010


i haven't blogged about my makeup artist yet.
and i was actually waiting for her to upload my pics in either her website or her facebook fanpage.

finally, the pics are up.
so i guess it's time for the review!

the makeup artist for my engagement was Zila Ziman.
i once wrote about her in this entry.
i think i don't have to introduce her since i tau semua orang dah kenal dia, especially bloggers.
she's a freelance makeup artist cum a famous wedding blogger.
her wedding blog is sayamaukawen.blogspot.com.
b2b, you might want to sneak into her blog which is so much informative and organize.

in sum, my verdict on zila ziman's touch:
-i love, love and love the lipcolor that she put on me.
-i like how she did my eyebrows. actually, i am a fan of zila's makeup for eyebrows. which i dah perasan yang dia memang pandai makeup kening dari dulu lagi.
-i opted for silver-black eyeshadows, but it looked kind of blue-ish. it could have been better if i asked for plum-black eyeshadows, no?
-i was the one asking for smokey eyes makeup, but i found out that my eyes are not suitable enough for this kind of eye makeup. not suitable because of the gap between my eyes and my eyebrows is quite small. plus i was not (and will not) do any threading or eyebrows shaping. so smokey eyes are actually not for me. but no harm trying pun kan.
-nose shading was a bit too much but it wasnt zila's fault. mari kita salahkan hidung kembang saya. but i think for the wedding i'll go for less shading. i redha berhidung kembang hihiks.

overall, i am a satisfied happy customer.

well, how about letting the pictures to do the reviews.

ah, tak suka bergambar dengan zila sebab i akan nampak hodoh sebab dia cantik sangat :(