Saturday, August 7, 2010

zila ziman: freelance makeup artist

who is zila ziman?

she used to be my housemate back then when we were in matriculation.
we did our pre-degree at maxisegar, rawang.
now there's no maxisegar anymore.
in fact, we are the last batch pun.

my first impression of her, "cantiknya budak ni, chinese look, mesti mak atau ayah dia chinese" (cakap dalam hati).
and i was right, she has got chinese blood on her mom side.
added with pak sheikh punya blood on her dad side.
no wonder she's super beautiful and tall.

at that time, we all berhempas pulas belajar sains.
zila was in biological science and i was in physical science stream.
but both kena berhempas pulas bergolok gadai demi mendapatkan tempat di universiti awam.
slept at 3-4am, woke up at 7am, got class from 8am till 7pm, that was normal for us, cewah.
sangat berkorban sehinggakan sanggup memakai lab coat gedoboh bersama lab goggles yang memburukkan muka untuk masuk lab.
ye, sangat berkorban. kan?

now that we have grown up, she's still pretty and i'm still fat.
but we both have changed our career path!

i am with my spa business and she's a full-time makeup artist.
i used to berangan nak jadi makeup artist, but for some personal reasons, i think i'm not going to make it as a career, so i retired.
cece, retired kunun, start pun tidak.

anyway, there are three important things that are very much important if you want to be a makeup artist.
one: Partice.
two: Portfolio.
three: Publicize.

i took part in all three P's when zila told me that she seriously wanted to join into this business.
Practice: i jadi salah seorang dari bahan eksperimen dan latih tubi zila.
Portfolio: i jadi salah seorang bahan portfolio zila dan mencadangkan rakan-rakan untuk mendapatkan servis makeup pada rm50 yang mana sebenarnya zila nak jadikan sebagai portfolio.
Publicize: i provide servis makeup di seputeh kapas spa menggunakan khidmat zila dan i makan komisyen sahaja.

now that she's already famous, her skills have already so much improved and her services have expanded which is not limited to makeup services, i am very proud of her.
she's so much passionate about what she does and really work hard at it, and that what makes her successful.

a big smile on a very satisfied customer

tapi jangan cemburu buta, kamu juga boleh menjadi seperti zila.
sebabnya zila juga ada buat kelas makeup supaya kamu kamu boleh menjadi protege dia.
yang seronoknya adalah, sempena ramadhan, zila baik hati menurunkan rate untuk kelas makeupnya.

normally, the fee is rm350 for a basic to advanced makeup class.
but for ramadhan, the fee is only rm200 per pax which is sangat berbaloi-baloi.
but seats are limited to 6 pax per class and sekarang sudah pun open for registration.

you don't have to have any experience.
the class is open to everyone even with zero knowledge dan tangan bangku.
and don't worry if your makeups and tools tak complete, you can still attend her class.

click on the picture to make it larger

how to register?
just inform zila that you are interested via sms (+6012-3474745) or email her at along with your full name, IC and phone number.
rm100 is needed for registration as commitment fee.
payment can be made to her maybank account and you are in!
the class will be held at zila ziman studio which is located at damansara damai, PJ.
for more information, you can go to her website

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