Sunday, August 8, 2010

happy graduation

happy graduation to my ukm-ude juniors especially to najwa, marni and razmi.
and also to my ukm-gsb seniors especially to thah, wana, deveki dan bell.

hope you'll have a blast graduation day.
i'm sure today (or tomorrow) will be one of the happiest day for you.

speaking of graduation, my proudest moments was 2 years ago.
dah lama dah, ohh tuanya i.
i'll have another one next year insyaAllah, yeyy.

this entry is made for my ukm-ude juniors and ukm-gsb seniors.
but since this is my blog, suka hati i lah kalau nak letak gamba konvo i kan hihiks.

so here they are..

in the hall with ukm-gsb mates

with my super supportive parents

with my bestfriend in ukm, hanis *ohh i miss u*

with saz and imah

my family

thanks all for the lovely flowers and gifts

eh not to forget with my beloved boyfriend

and these are during his, one year after mine..

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ros said...

salam ziarah..jemputlah singgah ya...