Friday, August 6, 2010

ceritera lake garden cafe

2 days before, i went to alamanda to do some fabric surveys at binwani's.
headed to my car after about an hour there, i saw a brochure on my car, under the wiper.
i know that most people won't bother to read and will straightly throw any given brochures away.
but me, i like to read brochures or phamplets or catalogues, except for skim cepat kaya ones.
eh tapi i baca jugak sebenarnya cuma tak terpengaruh lah.

the brochure was on ceritera lake garden cafe.
i wouldn't knew about them if i wasn't given that brochure.
so i went there to try out their foods, yesterday.

it is a new restaurant, they just launched last month on 10th.
located beside the putrajaya lake in the centre of precinct 2, putrajaya, i think this restaurant is strategically located, really.
the environment is very, romantic?
couldn't find any other suitable words to define the environment.
you can enjoy your foods in cosy atmosphere while facing the picturesque scenery.

plus point, they provide surau some more (with telekung wangi).

they share the building with garden terrace food court which is located on the 1st floor.

the interior is quite nice.

but the foods weren't that good.
we ordered mi goreng kasih, spaghetti carbonara and carrot juice.
mi goreng kasih was okay, spaghetti carbonara tak sedap, carrot juice was too sweet.
itu pun dah pesan masa order, "carrot juice tak nak manis langsung".
tapi tak boleh nak kurang manis sebab they use susu pekat manis for their drinks kot.

price wise, okay lah tak mahal sangat.
mi goreng rm6.50, spaghetti rm9.00 and carrot juice rm4 or rm4.50 tak ingat.

will visit again but not so soon.
maybe after they've got a new cook.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment.. we from Ceritera Lake Garden Cafe really appreciate your sincere comment. We will try to improved on our food n beverages.. Since we are new in this business..

May you give us permission to use your blog link on Ceritera Lake Garden Official Facebook..

Thanks again...

white purple flower said...

hi! thank you for stopping by and for leaving such a positive feedback on my are free to link my blog in your facebook page :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Aishah. Do come again next time around to check on us!

white purple flower said...

of course i will.

Mommy Sarah said...

Hey u, we plan to break our fasting at Ceritera Lake Garden on August 27, meaning this Friday... Tks for your review... Il update my own afterwards.

white purple flower said...

hi mommy sarah.thanks for dropping by.since they don't have buffet ramadhan (kan?),i'll revisit after raya :D