Wednesday, August 4, 2010

nyx lip smacking fun colors

nyx is not available locally here in malaysia.
but i've came across many of good reviews on nyx before.
the goodnesses are not only in terms of its quality.
the best thing about nyx is the products come cheap.
yes, cheap enough you can get a lipstick at 4usd and even a 10-color eyeshadow palette at 9.75usd.

last month when my forum's friend, ice, opened a spree for nyx lipstick (rm10/lippy), i thought of "why not?"
so i ordered two shades of lipstick from her.

it was very hard for me to choose only two shades from many that they have.
why only two?
because i don't actually wear lippies, so three are too much.
why not one?
because i have to add rm4 for the postage, kalau beli dua pun rm4 juga, sayang la kalau beli satu je kan.
why it was very hard to choose?
because the round lipstick comes with many colors, more than hundred shades!
mana tak rambang mata? @_@
and finally, i settled with fig and b52.

after about a month of waiting (eh tipu i didn't actually wait pun, i terlupa i ada beli lipsticks), the parcel has arrived safely today.
the parcel been sent out on thursday using "pos ekspress", and i received it today, on wednesday.
maybe pos malaysia can start thinking of a new name instead of pos ekspress.
how about pos lambat? hihiks!

my review on these two babies:
both colors are very very nice.
one is chocolatey pink (b52) n another one is seriously pink (fig).
personally,i like fig more than b52 because b52 is too sophisticated while fig is more happening which i think suits me better (eh sejak bila i happening?)
the lippies are very moisturizing and the colors are pigmented hinggakan satu swipe sudah cukup memuaskan hati.
betul tak tipu.

good news pretties!
ice is opening another spree for nyx cosmetics especially for those who are interested in getting more of nyx stuffs and also for those who are looking into buying new cosmetics for hari raya.
but the spree will close on friday 6th august which is in 2 days from today to make sure that you can get the ordered stuff before raya.
and for this time, it's not only for the lipstick.
you can have the eye makeups, blushers, mascaras, concealers, etc.

girls, you don't have much time to play around.
now go to her blog and start buying.

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