Monday, August 2, 2010

happy birthday, sayang

dear sayang, i love you.
i love you because of your unattractive behaviors.
you kerek, you tak kelakar, you tak romantic, you tak charming, and you are not a gentleman.
but surprisingly, i'm attracted to your unattractiveness.
they are real and fascinating!

i love you so much.
i hope to continue to be an important part of your life.
and please know that you are an important part of mine.

happy 26th birthday, sayang.

hope you like the gifts!

birthday dinner treat

red heart shaped pillow

arsenal away jersey 2010/2011

pics 2 & 3 taken from yahoo images


miss merahjambu said...

semoga cepat2 ke jinjang pelamin...amin!

white purple flower said...

amin pepanjang sket.

ros said...

Slm ziarah..jemputlah singgah & follow blog sy ya..tq

white purple flower said...

ros, thanks sbb jenguk blog i! :)