Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my favorite beauty treatment

“what’s your favourite treatment?”.
as a spa consultant i've been asked this question like hundreds of times.
generally, often we hear things like "i don't know, i like everything", "saya suka semuanya", "susah nak cakap, semua best" and bla bla bla.

tapi kalau saya, saya mesti jawab "crystal peeling!".
i didn't give the answer because it is the most profitable treatment.
it was not pun.
crystal peeling IS my favorite treatment among all that we've offered at Seputeh Kapas Spa, really.

hence, i put it at our website's homepage.
tak aci betul, berat sebelah.

what's crystal peeling?
- also known as microdermabrasion.
- is one of the most effective treatments available today that have been tested and proven to show visible results in repairing skin damages.
- it stimulates the basal cell layers to build new, functional skin cells.
- new skin cells move upwards to the skin surface to replace the scarred and damaged tissue.
- skin cell renewal and regeneration is thus achieved.

how does crystal peeling benefit me?
- immediate, visible results.
- exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulates new, functional skin cells.
- improved skin tone and appearance as local blood micro-circulation is stimulated.
- repair skin damages such as scarring (caused by acne, burning, etc.), wrinkles, skin aging, age spots, pigmentation, sun damages, enlarged pores and so forth.
- skin rejuvenation is further enhanced as the new, functional skin cells absorb beauty and anti-aging creams far more effectively.

good news peeps, good news.
now we are having promotion for crytal peeling.

from 1st until 31st july 2010, you can enjoy crystal peeling at about rm40 per treatment.
normal price was rm60 per treatment.
so, how?
it is really a good news, no?

click on the pic below or you can simply go to our website at www.seputehkapas.com for details.

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