Friday, July 9, 2010

26 random things about me

1. i smile when i'm nervous. for example when making presentation in front of the class, i smile to make me less nervous. and it works.
2. i love seeing women in high heels. but personally, i'm always in flatties because i cannot walk comfortably in high heels and i hate the after-effect of cracked heels.
3. i never took off my watch. i wear it all the time. yes, all the time.
4. i love accessories e.g. ring, bracelet, necklace, etc. but once i take them off, i always forget to wear it back. and that tells why i never took off my watch actually.
5. i hate putting things on my lips. and that answers why i don't wear lippies or glosses. but i have quite many of them. and i don't know when i can finish them up.
6. my face shape is actually rectangle and i think it is quite manly for a woman. so i hide my jaws with the scarf to make my face look more oval and feminine.
7. i am a person who needs a lot of time for myself. i don't know whether later i will be a good mother or not because i love having my own 'space'.
8. i am a stubborn daughter. like my parents always said to me.
9. i like to be different from other people.
10. i love singing. i sing in the car, at the karaoke and in my room. i can say that i have quite a good tone but sometimes out of pitch, you know.
11. i was into art when i was young. i played melodian for my school band. i took part in stage performances like pantomin, acting, storytelling, dancing, nasyid, etc. i joined art and drawing class even though i'm not that good in drawing.
12. i had my first 'boyfriend' during my standard 5 back in primary school. gatal. and he's now a doctor.
13. i once good at remembering people's names, birthdays, numbers, directions, etc. my friends used to say that i have a very good memory. but now the ability to memorize has become lower and i don't know why. maybe because of the age. damn you, age.
14. i hardly save number in my phone. i mean, i don't make it as my habit. so everytime my friend text me, i have to reply "siapa ni?".
15. i don't read newspaper. i just go through the headlines, pictures, and pic's captions. but different case with pancaindera or b-pop. oh and yes, i like to read advertisements.
16. i don't cook because i live with my parents. but back then in germany, i always cook. in fact, i always invite my friends to come over to my place to eat because i love cooking and i need my friends to eat the foods, if not i'll become fat in no time. not only cooking, i also love baking.
17. i don't do exercise other than window shopping. i wish i enjoyed exercise and i always imagine of me going to the gym everyday. but, it stucks in my imagination. haha. ohh, and i don't play sports.
18. i like fruity fragrances more than woodsy, herbal, floral, and spicy ones.
19. i've gone through driving test for 3 times. yes, i failed twice for jalanraya and i'm still holding the biggest loser record in the family.
20. i need a comforter or blanket or anything to make me sleep. i can't sleep without anything on me.
21. i have an ugly injection (BCG) scar on my arm.
22. my blood type is O positive.
23. i took five years of Arabic in high school and one year of German language course but i'm bad in both. i think i was not born to learn other languages.
24. when i was a child, i wanted to be a news presenter or a tv host when i grow up because at that time, i thought of marrying a prince or a king and that's the only way that came across my mind for letting the prince or king to notice my existence.
25. i prefer something tasteless than something too sweet.
26. i'll be 26 years old this august, 25th.

at first i wanted to write on "10 random things about me".
but as i started writing, i felt that i've so many things to share, so the numbers are increasing and increasing.
in fact, 26 are not enough because i still have many things to say about me.
you know, once you wrote a thing about yourself, other things started to pop up from your mind.

but, did anyone bother to know about me?
haha of course, no one bother.

so i stopped at 26.

and i hope this is my lucky number.


dyn said... too bad at learning languages, but still having classes for new language..

white purple flower said...

hi dyn.sorry,i baru perasan ada komen! ;D aww,so we are on the same boat.takpe,kita pandai in calculation kan kan kan :P