Thursday, July 8, 2010

loosen up!

gambar hiasan, taken from

do you remember this entry? -> i can't stand the heat

in that, i gave you tips on how to deal with hot weather which i found over the internet.
the very first one is to wear cool clothing; light-weight, light-colored, loose-fitting, natural fabrics e.g. cotton.

i've been practicing that for months and i think it really works.

my clothes are now mostly cottons or at least mixed cottons.
i am no more into lycras or jerseys like i used to.

i have quite a collection of lycra and jersey clothes which i brought back from germany.
you know, ones that are tight and hug the body.
aww tak sopan lah.

what i'm aiming for is enough room to allow air flow as i move about normally.
not that i am wearing clothes that are two sizes bigger than mine.
but i am more into loose-fitting clothes nowadays.
i want to encourage airflow so that the sweat on my skin evaporates.
plus point, sopan lagi tau.

it is known that layering is one of the styles that we have to avoid during hot weather.
but still, i don't avoid layering since i love the look so much.

actually, the one that we have to avoid is wearing inner inside of other top.
you know, the long sleeve stretchable top that we normally wear with short-sleeved or see-through tops.

instead of wearing inner, i do layering by wearing cardigans.
and i amat cinta oversized, long cardigans.
please pay attention to the fabrics of the cardigans.
make sure it is cotton or mixed cotton.
lagipun, the style is in trend, so why not?

to date, i already have 5 of long cardis.
i have it in brown (2), purple, blue and black.
it has been more than 4 months since i started practicing the style.
and that is considered long enough as i'm not loyal when it comes to fashion.

the problem now is, i'm boring with my current hijab style.
i tried to change it but normally i'll be back to the same style again as i don't feel comfortable in the new ones.

what i need now is a more loose look without reveal flesh though.
i like the one i pasted above, from maysaa.
but too bad, with the shipping cost, i can get another maysaa's scarf.

so, using the current ones, i let it be a bit loose, but still covered.

and i'm loving it.

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