Thursday, July 15, 2010

addicted to body scrub

it has been 4 months since i started my routine to go for body scrub, weekly.
and paling-paling pun, once in 2 weeks.

i love body scrubbing because it gives me a refreshing feeling after every session.
not only the feeling of refreshment, body scrub is so much important for women to maintain the young looking skin. cewah.
most importantly, it removes dead skin cells, promotes new cells and improves blood circulation.

my favorite place for body scrub other than Seputeh Kapas Spa is located at Seksyen 9, Bandar Baru Bangi.
i have already made friends with some of the spa therapists there.
my favorite is kak enni, second is kak yanie and the least one is kak emma.
tangan kak emma kuat sangat, kak yanie lembut sangat and kak enni sederhana.
and that's why i like kak enni's touch the most.
while at Seputeh Kapas Spa, i prefer Seha's than Azza's sebab Azza lembut sangat.

back to kak enni, kak yanie and kak emma which i mentioned above.
selalunya kak enni yang buat i (there were like 10 times dah kut).
and kak emma pernah buat i 2 kali je sebab kak enni ada customer masa tu.

and today is my very first time with kak yanie.
she actually tak perasan pun i selalu datang before this.

surprisingly, while scrubbing just now, she complimented on my skin.
she said, "kulitnya bagus sekali, selalu ke scrub badan?".
and i replied, "ye ke bagus? selalu juga"
she said, "iya, nampak macam selalu scrub badan sebab bahagian-bahagian yang biasanya gelap nampak tak gelap macam kebanyakan customer".

waaa i was so happy (and still kinda happy at the moment) sebab tak sia-sia i pergi body scrub tiap-tiap minggu.

okay, moral of this entry, i nak cerita ada orang puji i tadi.
eh tak, silap silap silap.
moralnya, don't judge a book by its cover, muke berjerawat tak semestinya badan berkarat.
eh tak jugak ngee.
the moral is, go for body scrub and make it as your routine, insyaAllah you'll get the benefit after some time.

speaking of body scrub, you can enjoy body scrub at Seputeh Kapas Spa at only RM45 for 40 minutes treatment.
the uniqueness of our body scrub is, we use two kinds of scrubs for each session.
for the first type, you can choose either to use lemon salt scrub (for body whitening), milk salt scrub (for body smoothening), lavender salt scrub (for body calming) or green tea salt scrub (for body detoxifying).
while the second type is herbal scrub to polish your skin.
so after 40 minutes of treatment, you will feel so much energetic, refreshed and your skin will be definitely smoother.

i guarantee you will enjoy the session and somewhat addicted to it, just like me.

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