Wednesday, June 16, 2010

fabric hunting

hi hi.

mm 2 months before Ramadhan, but most of tailors around dah tutup tempahan.
so yesterday me & adek went for fabric-for-baju-raya hunting.
well, we went to jalan tar lah mane lagi.
yes, cheapskate we are.

anyway, our theme color for this year is RED.
not light red or maroon red, but seriously RED - blood red.

at first, it was kind of challenging to find for a red fabric with nice design.
we are looking for ones with no big flowers or corak2 serabut yang menyeramkan.
the problem is kami senang jatuh hati dengan kain warna purple and pink.
but that was our last year's theme!
takkan nak repeat kan takkan nak repeat isk.

after about an hour, we found a red cotton with a very nice design.
but but, we didn't settle in one shop.
sebab kami takkan beli banyak2 di kedai sama kalau tiada yang berkenan.
walaupun tuan kedai nak bagi diskaun kalau beli dua, tiga atau lebih diskaun untuk empat.
we didn't want to compromise on our baju raya!
raya bukan main-main! huh emo.

we spent hours there, walked around from a shop to another.
at last, we managed to get four of nice red cottons for me & my sisters.
aww sangat tema - same color and same material.

but the fabric hunting did not end there.
we still have to find one for mama.
but it was already 1540 and we have not pray yet.
so we decided to get out from jalan tar, pray elsewhere and continue with mama's fabric hunting at gulati's in kajang.

sadly at gulati's, we did not manage to find a similar red washable fabric for mama.
kalau ada pun, corak sangat astaghfirullah.
tapi sebab kami dah menyusahkan abang pakistan bukak kain banyak2, kami terpakse settle for one.
so we ended up buying a fabric that is out of theme for mama.
it is red but not blood red, more to orangey red.

takpelah, saya akan berusaha cari kain yang sama untuk mama.
kain yang tu boleh guna untuk baju hari raya kedua.

selamat mengganti puasa!

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