Monday, December 19, 2011

shopping is one of my hobbies & also kind of a therapy for me.
when i feel sad or down about something, one of many ways to make me feel much better is - shopping!
and i think it really works.

buying things can somehow lifts my spirit.
it doesn't matter whether i'm buying for myself or for others.
and it doesn't matter whether i'm really buying or just imagining it!
imagining = window shopping / reading catalogue / online shops browsing.

my current favorite online fashion shop is
and these are my little poplook collection to date (from top-left: polka chiffon maxi dress in deep pink, ophelia maxi dress in fuschia, kimono cardigan in black, slinky pleat romper in mustard, ophelia maxi dress in dark green, polka chiffon maxi dress in pink & juliet romper in teal).

frankly, i have a love-hate relationship with
why would i say that?
is because i'm loving almost all of their collections, but i hate myself for not having much $$$ to buy all.

for example, i really want this one particular dress that they uploaded today, like, really.. really..

shirt maxi dress

isn't it beautiful?
but this month, i have spent too much on new tops / dresses / pants / skirts.
more shopping will turn me broke (true story).
so i guess, this time i'll have to pass.

let's see if i can really hold myself from buying...

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