Sunday, December 18, 2011

she's now a fiancee

this is just a short entry to congratulate my dear friend, dila, for her engagement.

to dila sayang, this entry came out quite late because you-know-why (cherry berry).
congratulations to u & mr secret fiancé.
enjoy the time of preparing your wedding.
trust me, it will be tiring, exhausting & all the -ing, but later, you'll somehow miss this special moment.
just text or bbm or whatsapp or call me or just use whatever communication medium to reach me when you feel like doing so or when there's anything i can do for you.
keep in mind that we are always here if you need any help.
again, congrats to the both you!

i feel bad for not being there on her special day because i was in bandung for a family day.
still, i wanted to get involve in that event, so i voluntary chose to help them on the hantaran.
these are the hantaran that i did for her (well, technically, for him)

nothing special, but happy that they liked 'my work'.
err or they were just being kind saying that, i don't know LOL.

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