Sunday, December 11, 2011

just don't bother

there's one simple thing that everyone in this world needs to know - you can't get along with everyone.
there must be someone or more than one person that you really can't stand with - be it your bosses, your neighbours, your inlaws, your 'friends', your coworkers, etc.
it may be of his/her/their attitude - annoying or difficult or selfish or irrational or whatever bad negative attitude that they may have.

but there's also one thing that we need to understand - others' attitude got nothing to do with us.
all we need to take care of is ourselves & stay focus on our objectives/goals.
and if we really have to work or deal with them, all it takes is patience.

for example, when you have to deal with arrogant people, seriously there's no point to argue.
we can't stop fire with fire.
when we are dealing with fire, we need to be water.
to argue with that kind of person (person you can't get along with) will only make things go worse.
the best way is to just stay quiet.
and sometimes, all we need to do is just listen.

so far, i have met a few people with attitude that i can't stand with & i think i have learned something from that - don't bother, be positive, stay focus & be patient.

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