Thursday, December 8, 2011

the award of "the best husband" goes to.....

for the past six days, i have had a bad sore throat, cough, running nose & headache.
it's a complete package.
the temperature was quite high but only for the first day & subsided after i took some panadols.

i didn't go to any clinic because i thought it was just a normal fever that would last for 2-3 days.
my husband insisted to bring me to a doctor, but ohh well, stubbornness rules!
after a few sleepless night, a few days of coughing & up to the level that i feel pain in my chest, i finally go to the clinic 2 days back.

you know why i'd prefer to buy my own meds from the pharmacy than seeing doctor.
because i don't see a point of seeing doctor (for normal flu) when i can get the meds directly from the pharmacy.

you know what has happened that day when i went to the clinic.
the doctor asked me as soon as i entered his room "sakit apa ye?".
and i said, "sakit kepala".
he checked my temperature & he just said, "okay, saya bagi awak ubat sakit kepala".
it's weird when i kept on coughing n sneezing in his room, but he didn't ask a thing about that & just let me go back with just painkillers.
ohh he did ask me, "nak MC tak?"
wow, maybe normally people go to see him to get easy MC.
i replied, "takpe, saya tak kerja".
i think the so called 'consultation' only happened for less than 5 minutes, err, or maybe 3.
and i have been charged 25 bucks for the painkillers + 'consultation'.

later in that day, my husband came home from work & i came home early that day because i can't stand the headache.
i felt cold & warm at the same time & the temperature was quite high.
he then went to the pharmacy to get me some additional meds plus antibiotics, forced me to eat all & zzzz.. i slept early because some of the meds cause drowsiness.

ohh i forgot to tell you.. he made me breakfast for 3 days straight already, he made sure my prayer mat is ready before solat, he folded my telekung everytime after solat (more to gulung-gulung sesuka hati actually), he made me hot milo every now & then (walaupun tawar sebenarnya).. and he did many more sweet things.

at 5am yesterday, i woke up by myself & felt quite good.
no headache, no running nose, but there's still cough.
i was actually really touched by my husband's sweetness (okay, boleh muntah sekarang), so i decided to write some love notes for him that he can read when he wakes up for work (he always woke up earlier than me).

the problem was, i don't have any art card or fancy papers with me until suddenly i got the idea of writing that notes on his ipad & make it as the ipad's homescreen background.
so this is it, drew on doodle buddy app for ipad.

wah, very much earth-friendly!

owh, sorry for the geli-geli entry.
just take it as the after-effect of watching ombak rindu LOL.


Lady D said...

what a sweet words..

phatgurl said...

so sweeeet...!

white purple flower said...

If I'm sweet,he's sweeter! ;)

zLa said...

oh sweeet nyeeee...nnti ai yang kena diabetic tengok kesweetan uols!

white purple flower said...