Friday, November 18, 2011

sharing is rewarding!

in some cases, yes, sharing is caring.
for example when you are sharing your chocolates with your sisters, or when you are sharing some good deals that you found over the internet with your friends, etc.

but sometimes, sharing is killing.
well, if you are sharing your friend's secret with another friend, it may kills your friendship, right?

but this time, SHARING IS REWARDING!
how can i say so?

it is because of this..

share above image with your facebook friends & be one of the winners to win RM100 voucher from seputeh kapas spa.

there are 2 ways to do so:
1) the easiest way is to just click "share" from the picture that we put on our facebook page;
2) or you can also upload the picture manually to your facebook page.

after you share the picture with your friends, "print screen" your facebook profile with above image on it & send it to

so in that way, you actually just did 2 things in 1 time.
you shared good deal with your friends, well, that's caring.
and at the same time, you may be won rm100 voucher from us, well, that's rewarding!

what makes it sweeter..
put a short write-up about this promotion + contest in your blog & tell me.
you may have extra chance to win the voucher!

yes, i know that you are caring & sweet.
please do this, pretty please.
thanks, lovelies! :)

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