Thursday, July 7, 2011

when is the best time to have a baby?

there's no right time of having the first baby after marriage.
it depends on the both husband & wife.
and if it happens, it happens, and we called it rezeki.

if you ask me, i'd say that i want to get pregnant after 1 year.
and so do him, he also wants a year gap after the marriage.
we just completed our 2 months plus, so we still have another less than 10 months gap.

but why?
because we want to build a strong foundation of our relationship before we will be focusing on other affairs.
we decided to first get to know each other better, although we've known for years.
spend a good one year being a married couple, go on a few vacations, learn about each other, and so forth.

i'm not saying that by having a baby too early will block the chance of having a lot of together time.
seriously, there's no issue of being pregnant right after get married.
and we both noticed that i am not so young to postpone having children.
but we just feel that we don't meet the conditions right now - psychologically and physically.

i know that some may have an opinion that "if you want to wait until you are ready to have children, you'll never have them and you will die childless".
wah kejamnya.

just to make it clear, we are not waiting until we are ready.
we just want to have this 1 year and we called this 1 year as our adjustment period.

again, there is no right time.
but getting married is a big life change and so is having a baby.
so we need time to adjust to each one separately.

bottom line, both you and your husband should do what is best for you and what will make you happy.



mama2nur said...

i used to have my own plan too.. but Allah have another plan for me.. :)

pelangi said...

but accidents always happens...
hope ur one year plan menjadi..hehehe...
slmt ber enjoy di pulau!

white purple flower said...

haha ni dua2 stok bunting pelamin ni yg komen :))

~ US *_* ~ said...

owh..xsempat plan pon haha rezeki plak dpt hannah trus :p

white purple flower said...

ni lg sorang.haha aini gelojoh