Monday, July 11, 2011

feeling so close

we both agreed to try to have at least 5 vacations a year.
it doesn't have to be a bank-breaker vacation.
just enough with mini-vacations or weekend getaways where there'll be time for us to spend with each other, away from home.

right after we finished with the wedding, we went to kuching for a so-called honeymoon.
it was just a 3d2n trip, but we had a good time experiencing our first vacation as a married couple.

thereafter, he was kinda busy with his works.
he went for outstations every alternate weeks.
but anyhow, we always try to spend time together.
so our weekends were filled up with activities around kuala lumpur - shopping, watching movies, etc.

after he finished working outside, we decided to go for a short weekend getaway just for him to relax and unwind.
so we decided to go to genting highlands.
it was just a short 2d1n trip but it was fun.

i love the weather over there.
it felt like i am in germany during autumn hihi.
have i told you that i love autumn so much?
more than i love spring and other seasons?
okay so now you know.

back to the topic, we just got back from redang island yesterday for our third vacation together.
and it was much more fun because we went there with our friends.
we had a great time spent on water activities.

but i must say that redang island is rather like perhentian island.
there were a lot of broken coral and we've seen none of turtle at turtle bays.
it is sad to know that the earth is being harmed by human activities.
my personal opinion, for underwater views, kota kinabalu wins.

we are planning to go to tioman island after this, maybe next year!
in the near future, we are planning to go to cameron highlands or bukit tinggi or just port dickson or melaka.
there are so many places to go in malaysia, why go overseas?

i always feel so close to him after our vacations.
i'm not sure about him, but i hope that he felt the same way too!

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