Tuesday, July 5, 2011

what to bring for an island vacation

1) cash
well, it is always important to bring some cash. it will surely be needed for things like boat/ferry or small purchases at the island. most importantly, you have to bring cash because smaller restaurants don't take credit or debit cards. and nope, we are not going to eat at the hotel's restaurants all the time.

2) sunglasses
don't miss out this chance of wearing sunglasses! we can't wear sunglasses like anywhere and anytime. but at the island, sunglasses are a necessity. so take the chance and get stylized! ideally, polarized sunglasses are the best.

3) island hat
same like sunglasses, you can't miss the chance of styling a hat at the island. wearing an island hat at the shopping mall will make you look like a crazy woman. so, there's no better place for an island hat than an island itself!

4) sandals / flip flops
it is hard and such an annoy to walk through the sand with shoes. if not, sand will end up in your shoes and it's completely uncomfortable. so, saldals or flip flops are a must for an island vacation.

5) camera
it will be a great loss for not bringing camera to your island vacation. there will be so many beautiful things to capture, so it's very important to always have the camera with you. and it would be better if you have a camera that can go underwater. and don't forget to bring the battery charger!

6) sun protector
bring sunblock or if not, you will end up looking like a lobster. worse thing worst, too much sunburnt can be hurting. the spf of the sunblock should be higher than ones you normally wear at the mainland because the sunrays are stronger over there. not only for face and body, you also need to protect your lips. you can get lipbalms with sun protector easily from the drugstores. same goes to sunblock for your face and body.

7) casual wears
you don't wear formal wears at the island. even for formal dinners at the hotel, you don't need to get dressed up as if you want to go to an awards ceremony or something. just keep in mind, island wears are casual wears.

8) swim suits
swim suits or water-friendly attires are important, of course, for water activities. and you may need to bring two sets per person as you will always need a dry one to wear, especially if you are going to an island for days.

9) beach bag
it can be a tote bag or a back pack for carrying snacks, water and other necessities.

10) reading material?
no, i don't think i will bring any reading material to the island. i'm not the type who enjoys reading books or novels. and we malaysians are not going to an island to enjoy the sun while reading. we had enough sun throughout our lives. we just need waters! yes, we want to go there to enjoy water activities. so no, do not bring reading material unless you are planning to just sit back and enjoy the sun.

11) snorkeling tools
yes, you can always rent the snorkeling tools. but, if you have your own tools, bring them.

so if you are going to an island by flight, you need to pack light because the flight is not like the normal ones.
the flight is smaller, even the airport is smaller.

and if you are going there by car, you need to pack light because you will need to take boat or ferry to go to the island.
you can't bring too much things on boat.
and you don't want to left your stuff at the mainland surely.

so always remember, pack light!
i'm not reminding anyone, i'm reminding myself because i tend to overpack all the time.
i always bring some extras especially clothes.
it's good actually, but it's not good when you bring to many extras of everything.

aaaaa can't wait!
we are going to redang this weekend, peeps.
and the best thing is, we are going there with my friends!


pelangi said...

aaaa jeles...nak pegi jgak!! :((

whitepurpleflower said...

alaa jom la!jom2 ujung tahun kita g jalan plak ngan baby!

p/s at the island or on the island eh yg betul?

pelangi said...

huhuh..ok ngam..
aku ada plan jgak nak pergi ujung thn tp xdela ujung bln 11 ke camtu..
nak pegi perhentian..
huhuh..nnt plan..yey!

white purple flower said...

Bulan 11-2,pulau tutup la ieja.musim hujan.

~ US *_* ~ said...

sian eja..thun dpn gi tioman la dgn ktorg..

white purple flower said...

aah jom!