Friday, May 20, 2011

wordless wednesday??

haha i'm so sorry for the lack of updates.
no new 'post' after the wedding.
i only managed to make entries on wordless wednesday every week.
to be frank, sometimes i made them on thursday and changed the post date and time to a day earlier.

but now that it is friday today, i don't feel like cheating you girls anymore because we are already two days away from wednesday.
so i decided to make this short-simple-and-not-sweet-at-all entry to say sorry for no new updates for weeks.

i'll try to be more consistent in blogging because previously i didn't understand when my friends said that they have no time to blog.
i was like, no that's not me, i'll make time to blog at least twice a week.
cakap tak seindah rupa, now look what happened to my blog hihi.

anyway, nothing's changed after the wedding.
i'm still living with the both sets of parents.
i never cooked for my husband.
i never washed our clothes which i still let bibik to do it for me.
i never ironed my husband's shirts, but i send them to the laundry or to bibik rumah bangi.

but today is the first day i provide 'bekal' for him.
it was spaghetti meatballs, and yes, i bought it last night hihi and just put it in the microwave this morning.

okay, i'm a bad wife here.
i'm off to ezrin's solemnization.
till then, bye.


~ US *_* ~ said...

ecah..sonok xda kawen?? hihi
nk tumpang ade bibik jgk laa

white purple flower said...

boleh laa.biasa je :))