Tuesday, May 24, 2011

white teeth, yellow teeth

today, let's talk about my teeth LOL.

we all know that the costs of the cosmetic teeth whitening procedures are always much higher than we would like.
especially when we talk about the effective ones that give the best results.
normally the costs are plus minus 1.2k, something around that figure.
the treatment is costly, but effective because most ppl will experience around 10 shades lighter teeth after one hour.
10 shades! just imagine how white your teeth can go.
however, not everyone wants to spend such amount of money for the teeth whitening procedures.
at least, not me.

if you still remember, i once have told you that i tried this teeth whitening product that is proven as effective to my friend.
and most importantly, the price is way cheaper than the one i mentioned above.
it is a take-home whitening kit from US.
the whitening kit only costs rm250 which consists of the bleaching trays and the whitening gel.
the treatment takes about a week and has proven to be effective, not only to my friend, but also to me.
you can see that your teeth are lighter even after the first use.

coffee or tea is a must for me.
so i admit that previously my teeth were not white, or to be exact, they were yellow.
and the yellow shades will become more obvious if i wear lipstick.

the problem is, i don't know how to smile without showing my teeth.

see, the smile looked so fake and i think i look older than my real age in this 'smile'.
but if i show my teeth, eeyuu, easily you can see the yellow teeth of mine.

same case during my engagement, my teeth looked so yellow that i have to touch up the pictures before putting them at my facebook page.
for example, this is the original photo that can be seen at zila ziman's fb fan page.

i took the photo to make it as my profile picture.
but i need to do some touch up works prior to uploading so that my teeth look whiter and the skin looks softer haha.

it was really a hard work.
just imagine, thousands of photos, penat lah nak edit semua kan.

but, with the whitening kit, i don't have that problem anymore.
i can smile as big as i want during the wedding because my teeth are a lot whiter than before.

so where to get this take-home whitening kit?

you can have it from zahida dental which is located in shah alam.
go to their website for more info about the clinic or about the treatment.
go go, go now.


~ US *_* ~ said...

gmba first tu cm shila rusly hehe

pelangi said...

btul2..i suka..pas mandung nak smbg guna..time mandung xleh..
nnt jg gigi bek2 eh.. :D

orenlili said...

sakit tak dia teeth polishing?

white purple flower said...

aini - hahaha sheila rusly ke.tuanya.
ieja - tu la..1 tube pun tak abes lagi.tak pernah pakai seminggu straight.pernah pakai rsnya 5 kali je kut.tu pun bukan berturut2.
orenlili - tak saket.tapi ada rs ngilu sket esp kalau pakai everyday.sbb tu i pakai selang2 mcm seminggu skali.kalau ikut dentist tu,suh pakai straight 1-2 minggu.