Thursday, March 10, 2011

it will be over before i know it

we only get married once in our life.
yeah in some cases it might be twice or more, but that's different story.
so, in order to make sure that the wedding will be a successful event, the preparation itself is an exhausting long process.
it needs hard work and p.a.t.i.e.n.c.e., patience!

me myself, at times i do feel extremely stress.
everything is so tiring, but i just have to bear with it.
deep down inside, i wanted everything to be perfect, but i am lacking in terms of resources, financially & physically.

to hire a reputable wedding planner would cost a lot.
so i chose to organize the wedding by myself in an attempt to save my parents' money.
i have to handle every detail that needs to be handled.
things get difficult when i am a very detailed person, and fussy.
stress is one thing.
family drama is another thing.
sometimes i forced myself to tolerate on things that i actually did not agree or like.
suffice to say, i just want this to be over.

i said to myself, "it will be over before i know it", every time i felt so stress.
"everyone went through the same process and they have successfully made it, so it is nothing big".
"finish all these, i have a whole lot to look forward to!".
"at the end of the day, everything will be over. no use for me to obsess over the details".
haha so now i am sharing with you my motivational quotes.
you can use it if you want :P it works tau!

thank God there is nothing bad going on between me and my fiance.
yelah, orang cakap masa bertunang banyak dugaan, banyak bergaduh.
but alhamdulillah, practically, we didn't.
small-small fight tu tak kira lah, itu sejam je paling lama.
i am lucky to have a partner who can easily say "i am sorry" and doesn't have time for fights LOL.

but i know, when the wedding is over, i'm going to miss it.
i am going to miss the preparation process? are you kidding me?
most ppl told me the same thing.
or it is just in theory?
or ayat sedapkan hati? LOL.
whatever it is, i am trying to enjoy it.

sekian luahan perasaan saya.


nYomeL said...

yes, u will definitely miss it!
mcm ape yg terjadi pd i.. haha! :D

*sabar byk2 ek.. tuh dugaan la tu..

pelangi said...

it will be over sooner than u think..
nnt da lps semua tu ko akan dah abis eh..kejap je..
enjoy what u r doing now..
especially ko yg buat tu semua sendiri..
can't wait to see u..

p.s : unos kem salam..dia kata jgn panik.. :p

white purple flower said...

nyomel - haha bukan ayat sedapkan hati meh? :p

ieja - now mcm demotivated lah,malas je.okay,kem salam unos balek!