Friday, February 25, 2011

others' plans, your plans & God's plans

i have a story to share.
but i would start with a humble opinion of mine.
which is, "being an excellent student is not always a good thing".

why do i have that kind of opinion?

okay, let me give you some examples.

example 1
miss A got excellent results for her PMR, straight A's.
she really wanted to get into non-science stream class.
she loved mathematics but not sciences subject.
but her mother didn't let her to do so, because ppl always have a perception that good students have to be in a pure science class.
so, there she was, continue her secondary education in a pure science class.

example 2
miss A got good results for her SPM.
she's interested in arts and she's quite a creative person.
she wanted to be an architect, so she put architectural courses as the first few choices in the UPU form.
but then she got an offer to get into matriculation.
she got to choose whether to be in matriculation or to wait for the UPU intake (the policy at that time, if one had chose to be in matriculation, she/he won't get a placement in the UPU).
normally, good students will get themselves into matriculation because it's a fast track for students to get into universities.
so, there she was, choosing to continue her study in matriculation after looked for some advices.

example 3
miss A got excellent results for the matriculation.
ohh by the way, she was a physical science student.
normally, excellent physical science students will choose to further studies in engineering.
just like medicine for excellent biological science students.
she wanted to get into actuarial science or quantity surveyor field but her father didn't let her to do so.
she was advised to get into engineering field.
so, there she was, choosing to continue her study in engineering field.
electrical & electronics engineering to be exact because that's the toughest one to get in.

so, do you see it?
being an excellent student is not always a good thing.

when you are an excellent student, the probability for you to "go with the flow" is the highest.

doing things that you don't like is not fun at all.
you can get good results, that's not a problem, because you are good in studies, remember?

ohh anyway, miss A successfully sailed through her degree.
she nailed her engineering degree courses and she passed with flying colors.
she didn't want to be an engineer because she got no passion to be one.
she wanted to be in academics line because that was what she loved doing, to acquire knowledge.
to share and to distribute the knowledge would be fun too, that was her thought.
she did apply for some openings for the post of lecturer.
and she failed because one of the minimum requirements is to have a master's degree.
she also did apply for a scholarship program named tenaga pengajar muda by uitm.
there was no opening for a master in engineering at that time, they only have places for phd students.
but still, she tried her luck, and again, she failed.
she decided to hold the ambition to be in academics line for a moment and she started something new.
she became an entrepreneur.
at the same time, she looked for opportunity to further her studies.
she got an offer for an interview to further her study in UK with mara's scholarship.
sadly, she had to forgo the opportunity because she just started with her business.
so when government announced a scholarship program, where the government will pay half of the studying fees, she grabbed that opportunity.
no way she would further her studies in engineering line anymore because she had enough of doing things that she doesn't like or wanted to do.
she got herself into a business study field.
she liked it so much because it was much fun and meaningful than her previous study field.
and she finished her master's degree with first class results.
her father asked her to work with him for many times, but as mentioned before, she had enough of doing things that she doesn't like.

so, as she has got her master's degree, she again tried to get herself into academics line.
unfortunately, she couldn't get into public universities easily because there's a requirement by an MQA, she got to have business background qualifications for both her bachelor and master's degree.
unless she already had experience in teachings or in industry for few years.
so, she chose to apply for a place in a private university college.
there's only one place in her mind.
she knew that the place is good since her fiance is a graduate from that university college and he can do his job well right after he finished his degree.
and some of her friends are lecturers in that university college, and they seem like enjoying their work over there.
the strongest reason is because the place is very near to all important places for her, home, future in-laws home, and also her other workplace (she's an entrepreneur, remember?).
so it's like a perfect place.
there was no openings or vacancies advertised by that university college by the way, she just tried her luck.
ohh and heyy she got the offer.

and the most important thing is, she didn't go with the flow anymore.
everything seems to work as her plans when she decided to further her studies.
some did not agree when she decided to further her study, but she is grateful for her stubbornness.
ohh anyway she borrowed her fiance and sister's money to pay for the fees, which she hasn't returned yet.

she always believes that God's plans are the best.
there are reasons why God didn't allow her to get into architectural courses right after school.
there are reasons why God allow her to start a business right after her degree.
there are reasons why God allow her to further her studies when there was no support from others.
there are reasons why God didn't allow her to get married last year or last two years.
there are reasons why God give her strength and faith to stay loyal with her fiance for a long time, despite the challenges that she has got to face.
there are reasons for every single thing that happened in her life.

the moral from the story is, you might not get what you have planned, due to external factors and forces.
but maybe it's because God has better plans for you.
be it others' plans or your plans, they are all part of God's plans.

ohh miss A in this story is just random and isn't related with anyone.


adek said...

wow you got an offer?
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That's random miss A..random. -whitepurpleflower from mobile

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alahai..siannye miss A

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kann kann.haha.

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harap2 miss A dapat apa yg di impikan... :))

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eee korang ni terbawak2 plak