Thursday, February 24, 2011

45-minute outdoor portraiture session for only rm42??

yes, with only rm42 you can get a session of 45-minute outdoor portraiture, baby.
not only that, you'll also get one FREE 8r photo and one FREE photo cd.

outdoor portraiture? for what?

this is a chance to capture the moments with your loved ones, friends and relatives.

ohh come on lovelies and especially bride-to-bes! tak perasan ke?
you can save a lot on your pre-wedding or/and your post-wedding photoshoots.
i never found any other promotion that is cheaper than this!
for less than rm50? are you serious, DFchannel photography??

ahh mengada lah kau.
orang bagi mahal tak mampu, orang bagi murah tak percaya.

normal price is rm135, so it's actually 69% off.
tak gila?

you can grab this great deal here, at milkadeal.

log in with facebook to claim rm5 milkadeal credits instantly!
so, rm42 minus rm5 credits = rm37 for a 45-minute portraiture session.
muahaha, mari gelak besar.

saya dah beli, anda bila lagi?
you still have 3 days+ before the promotion ends.


mama2nur said...

ada validity ta? mm tuk 4 org je.. klu tak bole beli 1 tuk gune masa yam blik nnt..

adek said...

kalau tuk yam beli white studio byk la nak kene tambah,rm10 per person kn?

white purple flower said...

1march-30april kan?maximum 4 orang kalau nak tambah sorang rm10.kalau ramai2 sgt memang selesa white studio.kalau outdoor dengan peluh semua,mesti tak seronok.kalau wow studio hafiz shah alam weekend rm300/hr weekdays rm225/hr.kalau creative litebox yg post-engagement kitorang tu rm230/1.5hr.dari dulu aku dah ajak,tp orang susah nak bekerjasama.amek gambar raya pun susah nak kumpul.