Wednesday, January 12, 2011

wedding invitation cards

wedding invitation card provides the first impression to the guests, thus it is important to choose the right one for your wedding.

i love the idea of putting lace on the invitation card where it creates a classy vintage look.

Effi Georgia
Effi Georgia
or maybe something simpler without the lace but with lace inspired prints that would still look gorgeous.

Sweet Cherry Meadow
like the one below from ilikecard.

pic source: ilikecard
the cost for this card is rm1.45/card for 500 cards with additional charge of rm30 for the artwork which i think still reasonable.
mentioned cost includes printed outer envelopes anyway.
cantik, just like what i want but different color lah.

the one from sejaticards pun i suka.
sorry i cannot find bigger picture of the card.

pic source: sejaticards
but they are located in singapore, so the card is pricey, s$3.10/card for 500 cards.
okay, lupakan sahaja walaupun suka.

but there is always a cheaper option, for example, like this one offered by kadkahwin.

pic source: kadkahwin
this card is only rm1.00/card for 500 cards with additional charge of rm30 for the artwork and rm50 for printed envelopes.
simple and sweet, suka juga.

ohh ohh and this one from mahligai creative, saya cinta.

pic source: mahligai creative
cinta sangat dengan yang ni dan berangan nak gantikan ribbon tu dengan lace which boleh tampal sendiri.
by the way, the price is rm1.60/card for 500 cards.

hmm what do you think about the idea of interactive wedding card?
weddingkami does offer that kind of wedding card.
you might want to check their website because i think they are brilliant.
huge leaps starts from little steps.
let's protect our mother earth by reducing paper and print wastage that may come from the wedding invitation card.
they offer 2 types of package; economy (rm400) and exclusive (rm1500).
they do prints too because not all guests have internet; but still they would encourage you to print in smaller volume (think green, remember?).

for me, i don't want to membazir on my wedding invitation card.
i just want to make sure that the card will match the wedding theme.

nanti nak pergi check out kat jalan pudu, sana banyak kedai kad kahwin.

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