Sunday, January 16, 2011

dip flowers

yuhuu, i am in d.i.y. mode.
went to bunga reben at jalan tar this morning to get some stuffs for my d.i.y. bunga pahar.
i was in that shop for 2 hours ++.
after 1 hour in that shop, i didn't buy anything just yet.
i took my own sweet time browsing each and every thing that they have.
trying to get the idea of how i want my bunga pahar would be.
lovely fiance sibuk main game dalam phone so takpe, memahami.

i actually had the rough ideas in my head.
i wanted to have crystals and dip flowers for my bunga pahar, with lots of ribbons.
i know that dip flowers have become so common and somewhat outdated but who cares.

so these are my catch.

oww i know that i don't have to brag about this, but i am really proud of myself.
i have successfully made my very first dip flowers.
presenting... tada!

down... biasa je.

masa beli barang berangan nak buat bunga rose macam gambar bawah (row #2 column #3).
bila buat betul-betul, malas pulak nak buat bunga rose banyak kelopak, jadi lah yang atas ni. *malu*

source: google
baru pintal-pintal dawai sikit dah sakit-sakit jari, by the time kahwin confirm tangan dah kasar.


cik syahira (a soldier's gf) said...

assalamualaikum aishah,

saya almost khatam entri kamu on engagement day. cantik mini dais tu. thanks ye singgah comment di blog saya. really appreciate it.

saya suka tengok hasil kamu. cantik la. mana ada biasa-biasa je. kalau sampai dah sakit-sakit jari, itu adalah hasil luar biasa. meaning, you work hard for it.

all the best tau..

white purple flower said...

hi cik syahira.thanks for dropping by. good luck ye for your big day :)