Tuesday, August 17, 2010

equestrian park putrajaya

yesterday, i had my iftar with my BFFs.
location, equestrian park putrajaya.

at first, my suggestion was to have it at puri pujangga, ukm.
but saz did not agree with that place.
so i chose this place instead since i've never tried their foods before.

below are the buffet ramadhan rates of some places around bangi-putrajaya which i found during my short survey:
puri pujangga ukm - rm30 nett
equestrian park putrajaya - rm45 nett
pullman hotel - rm100 nett
palm garden - rm68++
taman warisan putrajaya - rm33 nett
wetland putrajaya - rm29.90
putrajaya lakeside - rm69 nett
lake cruise - rm89 nett
putrajaya international convention centre - rm50

my verdict:
something wrong with their foods, i don't know.
the foods tasted.. weird?
okay, let's just don't straightly jump into negative comments, kejamnya i.

they have an interesting concept of changing their menus everyday.
actually they have 7 set of menus to entice their customers' taste buds.
you can refer here for details on their menu.

during our visit, they were on ramadhan buffet menu 4.
there were ikan tenggiri lemak tempoyak, daging dendeng padang, ayam rendang sumatera, mee rebus, serawa pulut durian, roasted lamb (served everyday), etc.

the best thing is, they have a very nice surau.
they also provide bigger praying space at the upper floor and they do solat terawih with invited imam.
free parking space, air-conditioned dining hall, free wifi - simply said, the place is well-equipped.
not like some places yang tempat solat pun tak proper (e.g. bora ombak, red wok, etc.).

okay, back to the foods.
i think i've chose the wrong day (wrong menu).
perhaps the foods tasted weird for me because they were serving indonesian cuisine on that day.
my friends also said the same thing.
tak kena dengan anak tekak gitu.

although foods didn't taste good, but we are still happy anyway.
we were also there to celebrate aini's birthday which was a day earlier.
i bought the cake at baker's cottage - cheese chocolate mousse.
and for the gift, i bought her a long necklace (and i bought the same one for myself too!).

happy birthday, mummy-to-be aini.
we hope that you had a wonderful birthday yesterday.
may God bless you abundantly and grant you good health, happiness, peace and prosperity.


mama2nur said...

puri pujangga da revised rate buke posa dia.. RM30 nett..

white purple flower said...

huh maken murahh.
nak banje pekerja lah.