Saturday, August 14, 2010

10 things i hate about myself

been tagged by my sister, timah to write on "10 things i hate about myself".
since i don't have idea on what to write here in my blog, which explains why there is no new entries for almost a week (except for a short and sweet happy ramadhan wish), so here goes my version of "10 things i hate about myself".

1. my acne-prone skin.
2. bad in time management, tend to do things at the very last minute.
3. my stubborn attitude.
4. the fact that i learned from my mistakes but sometimes i tend to do the same mistakes again and again.
5. my low metabolisme level which makes me getting fat in no time if i eat more than the normal intake but hard to lose weight even if i'm on a strict diet (pss my body age is 34).
6. i don't do sport and i actually hate it, hence no. 5.
7. wasteful, i spend more than what i earn.
8. sometimes likely to say yes when i actually wanted to say no.
9. the fact that i am ignorant to what is going on in the world.
10. unmarried at the age of twenty six.

yeyy cukup sepuluh!

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mama2nur said...

tahniah..! lama na tggu cukup 10.. :)