Thursday, July 29, 2010


hello pretties.
i bought these adorable necklaces yesterday.

cantik kan?

both are from park avenue @ parkson.
they are having sales now, up to 50% discounts on their accessories.
i was spoilt for choice.
and lastly ended up with these two with 20% off.

but below is still my favourite.
last year's birthday gift from kak uteh, boi and zaret.

ye tak ye.
my birthday's coming.
it is just less than a month away, wow.
i haven't prepared my birthday wish list yet.
long necklaces surely will be in the list.
dijah, maybe you can start searching for one now.



zLa said...

noks..cantek shots uols..persis pro photog pakai d700 :D

white purple flower said...

ai pun saspek mcm tu jugak.sbb tu rase mcm nak letak sume gamba :">