Thursday, December 1, 2011

ombak rindu

i'm proud to say that i am a fan of romantic movies, be it comedic or serious type.
i'm not really into action / thriller / horror / fiction ones.
for me, movies are medium that are used to change our state.
i like to watch romantic movies because they really can change my state.
from one state to another, for example, from sad to happy or the other way round.
the most important thing for a movie to be claimed as successful is if the movie can inject feelings among its audiences.

i do watch both malay & english movies.
and i have to agree that english movies are better in terms of quality compared to the local ones.
but that doesn't stop me from watching our local-made movies.

obviously this entry is for 'ombak rindu' that i watched this morning.
the story of 'ombak rindu' is taken from one of the famous malay novels back then which is titled, well, 'ombak rindu'.
i don't know who's the author & i'm too lazy to google the name, but i have read the novel before.
it was a very long time ago, i think about 8 or 9 years back when i was in matriculation.
if i'm not mistaken, the novel belongs to one of my housemates.
that was the first & the last time i read that novel.
and honestly, i don't remember the storyline at all.

watching it just now made all the stories come back to my head.
you know it when you go like, ohh i do remember this, ohh i know her, ohh i remember him, ohh dialog ni aku ingat lagi, ohh lepas ni rasanya jadi tu jadi ni, yada yada.

i can say that the movie of 'ombak rindu' is a duplication of its novel which is translated into visual.
the story is very much the same as what was written in the novel.

selection of actors & actresses is just so-so.
aaron aziz fits the character very well, but not for the heroin, which is maya karin.
it's weird to have a naive village girl who speaks malay with pelat matsalleh.
and being an ustazah mengaji there are couple of scenes where she recites alquran, well, i'm not really good myself, but i know basic tajwid & i think the recitations are not properly delivered by her.
it's okay if she's just a normal village girl, but it's not okay since she's an ustazah mengaji.
as we all know, bront palarae is a good actor & yes, he serves the character really well.
as for lisa surihani, i think, there's a slight improvement on her acting, but still, there's a lot more room to improve.

the story runs too fast & looks a bit 'rushing', but i take that as the weakness of putting a novel into a movie.
it's actually impossible to deliver the whole story from a novel into a 2-hour movie.

overall, i rate the movie as 3/5.
above average simply because i love watching romantic love story, so i'm being biased here.

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