Friday, November 4, 2011

spending brilliantly

it's november already, phew, how time flies!
so 2011 is coming to its end and before we realize we'll be in 2012.

2011 has been very good to me and i hope it will be the same for the following years.
this year 2011, i entered the new phase in my life - i.e. married life.
i must admit that sometimes i forgot that i'm someone's wife, yes, teruk i know!
but not to the level that i wonder what did i get into LOL.

i do think married life is fun.
it is maybe not as wonderful as in the fairy tales, because surely there will be loads of disagreements now & then.
and there will be a lot of issues to work out, but yeah, i believe there's price for everything.

i once read somewhere, "if you want a comfortable life, stay single. if you want the pleasure of having a meaningful relationship, get married. just remember, the pleasure comes with a price".
simply said, the most basic thing to do is - "be prepared!"

okay, haha i actually wanted to write about "spending brilliantly", hence the title.
i wrote the title first & started with the new year thingy.
i don't know how suddenly i was off-topic & started with the love-life stories LOL.
ouh it's actually not a good sign because it shows that i'm not a focused person.
well, staying focused might require some planning & obviously i didn't plan before i write.
there's no more rangka isi-isi penting like what we used to practice back then when we were school students.

so yeah, i actually wanted to share with you girls a brilliant deal on milkadeal.
there's this rm20 instead of rm42 for 1 personalized 2012 tabletop calendars with free delivery to peninsular malaysia.
i think it's a good grab.
i bought 2 for myself, 1 to be put at home & will force ask my husband to put another 1 on his office desk.
i know you know already, i will put our wedding pictures on that calendars.

so yeah, that's it.
i guess that's the main thing.
just wanted to share that good-grab deal on milkadeal.

happy holiday!

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