Monday, November 28, 2011

school break!

so the school holiday has started, what did you already do & what are you going to do with the kids?
there's a lot of free time ahead, err well, for the kids of course.
i'm sure the kids are so looking forward for fun & interesting things to do during this break.
otherwise, they'll feel really boring because this year-end school holiday isn't short!

when i was a kid, my ayah at that time was a full time lecturer, not yet a businessman.
so he got plenty of time for the family & he always had to go somewhere for a course or workshop or seminar or conference or anything & he always brought us together with him.
so technically, we enjoyed the school breaks so much because we can go to the hotel.

haha staying at the hotel without going anywhere was still a fun thing to do back then.
because you know, we can swim & swim & swim at the swimming pool & kids never get bored with swimming pool, no?
and another best thing about staying at the hotel was to sleep in an airconditioned room!
haha yes, i know it sounds so jakun, but yeah, we didn't have aircond at the house during that era, so it was exciting to spend a few nights staying in an airconditioned room.

apart from spending some nights somewhere for a holiday, my parents also tend to bring us for a day trip to places like zoos, museums, science centres, exhibitions, book fairs, and well, you know, such educational places.

speaking about book fairs, i don't know if it's just me, but i think the book fairs back then were a lot fun than what we have today.
okay, maybe it's just me.
maybe at that time, being a kid & not knowing that there are actually so much fun things to do made me think that book fairs are fun.
now that i already a grown up, i think it is more fun to spend time for myself, like going for a spa visit, doing some window shopping & doing all the fun things to do.

but apparently i was wrong.
book fairs are fun!

if you don't agree with me, wait until you see this!

it's a book fair, plus all the fun things combined together!

seriously lovelies, you should consider bringing your children to this place this weekend 26th-28th, 9am-9pm.
the program will take place at banglo pink AinMaisarah, no. 12, banglo ukhwah, titiwangsa.

there will be loads of books (duhh, of course it's a book fair!) & many fun activities to be done.
there will be a mini spa with facial for teens & manicure services!
and also a makeover & a photoshooting session!

my kids would love to go there!
err.. not until i have one :)

details on the program can be seen here.

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