Thursday, October 20, 2011

happy love your body day!

do you know that october 19th is a "love your body day"?
are you aware of the existence of such day?

so it was yesterday & i did wish my twitter followers "happy love your body day" but i forgot to put it here in my blog.
but i guess it's not too late to wish it here, no?

if you realize, the fashion, cosmetics & advertising industries always portrayed unrealistic images of women.
we are bombarded by flawless retouched airbrushed pictures & posters.
so this "love your body day" is actually a campaign to encourage women & girls to embrace themselves & reject the narrow beauty ideals endorsed in the media.

it's all about embracing the real us!
we don't need makeups & cosmetic surgery to look good or to increase our self-esteem & we don't have to change ourselves to fit someone else's idea of beauty.
all we need is to feel comfortable with our body & keep it healthy.

speaking of our body, do you know that our skin is the largest organ of elimination?
and do you have an idea that our skin sheds around five billion dead cells daily?

our skin replaces itself naturally every 14 days, well, for young skin.
as we age, the process becomes slower until at about 40, the renewal cycle is increased to 30 days.
the problem is, if these dead skin cells sit & accumulate on the surface of our skin, they may clog the pores and will make the skin dull & dry.

so what you can do is exfoliate your skin.
and this can be done by the practice of scrubbing your skin consistently.
it is recommended that you scrub your face once or twice a week & so is your body.

you can do the scrubbing at home, but if you wish to pamper yourself at the spa, seputeh kapas spa is now having promotion on the body scrub service!
you can enjoy the body scrub session at only rm30 for our VIPs or rm35 for the non-VIPs.
the promotional price is valid until 30.11.11.
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happy love your body day, lovelies!