Monday, July 25, 2011

consistent is rule #1

let me tell you something.

there's one thing that i wanted to do every year on ramadhan which i've never made it before.
so this ramadhan, insyaAllah.
i know that i'm capable of doing it as long as i stick with the main rule.
the main rule is: CONSISTENT!

it is important to stay consistent as you work towards your goal.
doesn't matter on what type of goal that you are trying to achieve.
it could be your business goals, work-related goals or anything.

lovelies, let's khatam al-quran at least once on this barakah ramadhan.



pelangi said...

tu target aku setiap thn...
thn ni lebih la lagi.. :))
smg berjaya!

white purple flower said...

ieja,esok or lusa mcm nak pergi lawat kau kat shah alam.

pelangi said...

hohoh..boleh aje beb..
but msg aku dl eh..
aku tgh free je ni..

white purple flower said...

ala tak dapat jumpa baru ni.
jgn beranak dulu!