Tuesday, July 19, 2011

cleansing our body & soul

19 july 2011 - 12 days remain till ramadhan 1432h, insyaAllah.

only 12 days left and i still have 1 more day to fast as a payback from the last ramadhan isk.
insyaAllah, this thursday!

i love ramadhan...

...because it's the month of food fiesta.
yeah, i know, i sound so gemok, but that's the reality.
i can't eat and drink during the day, but i tend to overeat during iftar.
come on, i know it's the same case with you guys too.
because there will be so many food selections on the table and they are nothing like normal dinners.
from appetizers, main course meals, desserts till beverages.. complete!
which is not good.
because i am (or we are) not supposed to waste the precious ramadhan, taking so much time preparing the foods and wasting the money on foods excessively.
but that's what happens, well, in general.

i love ramadhan...

...because i will be busy with my raya wears.
what to wear on day 1, day 2, day 3 till day 30.
which color for this and that.
what about the accessories, shoes and everything related.
again, that's not the main point of ramadhan, but i'm just stating the truth.
bazaar here, bazaar there, sales are everywhere, people busy buying their raya wears and whatnot.
so obviously, that's what generally happens during ramadhan, no?

i love ramadhan...

...because it's the time for us to refocus our attention on our God.
we all know that ramadhan is more than just not eating and drinking during the day.
ramadhan is about purifying our soul.
refraining not only from foods and drinks, but also from evil actions, evil thoughts, bad words and bad habits.
making peace with everyone including those who have wronged us.

so lovelies, let's cleanse our body and soul during this year's ramadhan.
do not gossip or talk crap about others.
do not waste time and money on unnecessary things.
do not overeat during iftar.
let us refocus on the worship of God.
let us give more and serve the needy.
let us help the others and make them happy.

because somewhere in the world, your courtesy may be needed.
somewhere in the world, there are these people who struggle to live, affected by the crisis.

happy ramadhan 1432h to all!


~khadijah~ said...

love this post!

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white purple flower said...

no advert allowed in my comment section..cece.blog atikah kan ada kat fav blog.blog kau je tak add2 lagi.okaylah add skang.