Wednesday, June 22, 2011

till then!

i’m feeling guilty for not having completed the writeups of my wedding things.
perhaps, feeling guilty is a good thing, no?

frankly, i'm a type of person that cannot handle too many things at one time.
and that explains why i cannot drive a manual car.
it took me 3 times of jpj test before i got my driving license.
yes, loser, i know.

so normally, when i'm getting caught up in something, i have to give my 100% focus on that something.
one thing at a time it is.
and that's why i neglected the blog.

i want to thank my new followers.
i don't know whether this blog is worth to be followed, but i hope it is.

just to remind myself, these are things (abt the wedding) that i still need to write for my beloved followers.
-details on my wedding attires & the reviews
-the foods provider/caterer & the reviews
-setting of canopy, table & chairs
-the maintable decorations
-the wedding cakes vendor
-details on hantaran decorations
-details on gifts & favors
-details on pelamin majlis tandang & at-hotel reception
-bedroom decorations
-stairs decorations
-reviews on makeup artists
-reviews on official photographers
-details on spa session before the wedding
-details & reviews on emcee, pa system & entertainment
-details on my custom made guestbook
-misc. (payung, kipas, bunga manggar)
-pictures from the official photographers

what else?
cece ada hati nak what else what else ha ha.

okay lovelies, insyaAllah, i'll try my best!
till then :)

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