Saturday, January 8, 2011

life updates

i am terribly sorry for the lack of news and updates to this blog.
most of my time these days is taken up by my wedding preparations, as well as family and business matters.

some quick updates.

quick updates #1
wedding preparations' progress is on schedule; i actually put deadline for each and every item in the checklist to make it easier for me in monitoring the progression.
some critical issues have been discussed in family meetings.
we have decided to do the reception at home, finally.
all materials for both bride and groom have been safely sent to our tailors where the first fitting will take place in less than a month from now.
happy to know that the proposal for wedding door gifts has been approved.
i've got myself the best photographer in town.
i'm glad to have my friend as my makeup artist (not zila because she will be in confinement period at that time).
next, meeting with the food provider will take place on tuesday, january 11th.
from there, i will proceed with invitation card ordering and others.
and i have to start pushing mr. fiance to fill up the forms and get all required documents ready before the end of this month.

quick updates #2
my mom and little sister are back from holland, safely; however not in 100% health and mental conditions.
mom came home with blistered lips due to the very cold weather and heavy snow.
she had her wallet stolen by a pickpocket on the second day; anyway, holland is listed as one of the top 10 hotspots for pickpockets here.
grandma is sick; her energy level is very low, she can't stand or even sit for a long time.
that day grandma fell when she was getting herself ready to perform solat, ended up with an injury that alhamdulillah said to be non-serious by a specialist but still, made everybody in the house worry. she's now in my uncle's house since my parents had to go to indonesia a day after the tragedy.

quick updates #3
i lost my favorite staff because she had to follow her husband and move to other city.
she had been working with me for about 2 years and she was quite good in her job.
so i feel a little stress on the loss.
but life must go on, i'm now in the process of searching of a replacement.
anybody interested to be a therapist/beautician at my spa?

quick updates #4
that day my car started sounding like a truck, a diesel truck.
my dad got it repaired a day after that, thanks ayah.
but today it gives me another headache.
this time it is not about the sound, but the temperature.
the temperature went up when i was alone, in nilai 3.
thanks to my lovely fiance, came all the way from gombak to nilai to save me.
the car was okay after mr. fiance came and filled the radiator with the coolant.
but the car got overheated again when i was driving back home.
the problem could be because of the leaking radiator.
thus, tomorrow i will send the car to the workshop first thing in the morning.

quick updates are not so quick when i actually have many things to share.

other quick updates
my sister got herself in an accident last week which put her in a 'drama'.
the other sister has started her industrial training and since the office is quite far from home, she's staying with her friends; that sounds like a young adult already, ohh she has grown up!
little sister has started schooling again and she is no longer a 'pelajar menengah rendah' wow.
my best friend just finished her confinement period, so we are now looking for a day to meet up.
the other best friend send both of her children to boarding school starting this year.
the other one is still busy honeymooning, maybe.

what else?
actually there are lots more.
but i better stop here because i have to sleep because it is 15 minutes to 3 am.

goodbye lovelies.
and hello beauty sleep.

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