Friday, January 28, 2011

bridal beauty routines

less than 3 months before the wedding, i started to worry about how to look my best on my wedding day.

i wouldn't go on a wild and extreme diet.
i love good foods so starving myself is not the solution.

honestly, i am more worried about my skin problems than about my overweight body.
the skin issues is not new for me.
i've seen dermatologist since i was in college.
there were few times when i've gotten myself on antibiotics for a few months to clear up my face.
it works but not for so long before the same problem came back after some time i finished the antibiotics courses.
not just antibiotics, i once prescribed to consume hormone pills to balance the hormones in my body.
i've went through chemical peeling procedure with the specialist for total of 4 times which did not really help i think.
same with 10 times of vitamin-c injections which i think just a waste of money because i couldn't see any changes or improvements on any aspects.

once again i went to a medical aesthetic clinic last monday.
the doctor there prescribed me with antibiotics and hormone pills, as usual.
i just started the course for a few days and i've already seen some improvements.
my active acnes have dried up so fast.
the hormone pills can help solving my dandruff and hair falls problem too.
so it's like killing two birds with one stone.

the doctor was actually recommending me to go on a co2 fraxel laser procedure.
the treatment is done by removing deeper layers of damaged skin and stimulating the regeneration of healthy skin underneath.
i've read many of good reviews on fraxel but i don't have money to pay for the treatment.
the cost is rm1,200 per treatment.
but now that they are having a chinese new year promotion till 10 february, they will give you 2 times of the treatment free of charge.
meaning that you will get 3 times of fraxel laser procedures with a price of 1.
interesting, but still i couldn't afford to go on that treatment.
i asked for a sponsorship from my fiance, but he said that he prefers getting me a pricey handbag for the hantaran rather than paying for the fraxel sob2.
tak dapat lah nak dapat crystal clear skin on my wedding day.

as an addition, i still continue with my topical tretinoin (retin-a) cream.
and i also ordered a glycolic aha souffle from the states last month.
there are so many good reviews on that aha souffle over the internet and that's why i decided to give it a try.
the combination of retin-a and aha is perfect for skin rejuvenation.
and not to forget to combine them with a bha (acid salicylic) cleanser.
i just bought myself a hada labo cleanser which contains aha + bha.
it is so creamy and i think it's good because it doesn't dry up my skin like other aha/bha cleansers i tried before.

other than that, i promise to get myself on a series of facial treatments, once every 2 weeks.
the facial of course will be done at seputeh kapas spa.

as supplements, i have gotten myself the innershine essences back which are proven to be good for me.
and i am still on with the cocoa collagen drink since last year.
to date, i've finished more than 20 boxes of cocoa collagen drink (a box contains 10 sachets of cocoa collagen drink).
not that it is so good but i actually bought myself 30 boxes of cocoa collagen last year.

for the teeth, i might be going to a dentist in seksyen 8 shah alam next month.
they have this take home whitening products that costs rm250.
the products have proven to be extremely effective.
my bff, ieja, tried the take home whitening kit before her wedding anyway.
i can see drastic improvement on her teeth.
they are so white and shiny, like seriously.
so it is not the same like other teeth whitening products that you can find at the pharmacy.
anyway i've tried pearl drops tooth paste before which did not work to whiten my teeth.
maybe just a shade lighter, ke i perasan sendiri.
but yang take home whitening kit kat dentist kat shah alam tu memang gigi ieja jadi macam mak oi putihnya, kena beli jugak ni.

as mentioned above, i wouldn't go on a wild and extreme diet.
but i might try eliminating sugars and carbs from my diet.
not yet started, maybe next month.
haha last month ingat nak start bulan ni tapi tak start jugak.

what else?
wax hair down there, as well as legs and underarms.
that one maybe a week before the wedding baru nak buat.
but i already bought the wax, the wax heater and the wax strips.
products are from india.
tried the wax for underarms once and i think it's great.

yang paling penting, drink lots of water.
yang ni sampai sekarang tak dapat nak buat lagi sebab i suka air berperisa.


pelangi said...

bila appt ko dkt dentist tu?
kalau dtg shah alam plssss let me know...
aku nak jumpaa ko ni..
rindu weh..
hari2 ckp dkt unos bila la nak jmp aishah ni.. ;(

white purple flower said...

haritu aku pergi walk in je..tapi dia tanak terima walk ins..sob2 :( tah la..everyday weekdays siang dia kata fully booked.malam je ada slot..malam aku lak takleh.

tgk lah next week ke.i'll let you know k.pas cuci gigi kita pergi makan untuk kotorkan gigi balek k.