Friday, December 17, 2010

renting / selling out my outfits

girls, i decided to SELL or RENT out my engagement outfits.

our wedding outfits too! check this out ---> our wedding attires are up for rent!

1) my blush pink/purple lace dress + lace embellished chiffon silk veil - SOLD!

2) my pink lace kurung moden + embellished chiffon silk veil + matching shawl

email me at if you girls are interested with any of these.


with love:zaren said...

hye aishah..congrates on ur e day!

white purple flower said...

thanks zaren :)

miey anna said...

suke baju yang 1st..wahhh..santek ^_^

white purple flower said...

miey anna, baju 1st tu dah sold ke butik pengantin. kalau nak sewa, i can give the contact no :)