Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's about the end of ieja's single days

my BFF, ieja, will be getting married in a week time!
i've known ieja for more than 10 years now but she never been happier.
i yang bukan nak kahwin pun ikut sama-sama excited juga.
well, i kan MOH kena la excited kan.

i'd like to congratulate ieja and unos in advance and want to thank ieja for asking me to be part of her special day.
ohh the day came so quickly.
i feel that it was only months away since i met unos for the first time.
the first time i saw ieja and unos together, i knew that he is the one for her.
with unos, she was a different person, happier and more in love than she was with her old boyfriends.
you know, she had such a sparkle in her eyes and her face was glowing, well things like that.
their personalities really compliment each other.
and they look perfect together.

ohh my, starting next week my BFF is not going to be single anymore.
it's about the end of ieja's single days but nevermind, there is a beginning with every ending.
it may certainly will change something but it will not change the nature of our friendship.
by the way, i am so much looking forward to the new experiences that we will share in the future.

so ieja and unos, again, congratulations on a wonderful future together.
i am so happy for both of you!

merasa i pakai baju dari altelia amani untuk majlis kat hotel hihiks.
thanks auntie!


pelangi said...

sgt terharu..
love u lots babe..
c u real soon!!!

white purple flower said...

i love u too three four!

bitsANDpieces said...

my goodness, altelia amani? girl, u are so lucky. that place is not cheap :)

white purple flower said...

yeps i'm so lucky.and yes it is not cheap.lagi mahal dari upah baju nikah i kot!