Thursday, December 16, 2010

e-official photographer (part 3)

part 3??
ohh please no.. i dah muak baca pasal cerita tunang dia.

kah kah kah padan muka i.

excuse me, this is my blog.
so it is 'my place' and kind of a diary for me.
i hope you don't mind when i am still writing about my engagement.

anyway, i am waiting for my photobook be ready to be picked up.
i opted for 15" x 11" large landscape imagewrap photobook from
i just ordered it yesterday, so i guess it will be ready by next monday or tuesday.

but this time i am not going to write about the same official photographer.

did i tell you that we have two teams of official photographer during my engagement?
the other one was from annis imaging resources sdn bhd.
i know that you never heard about them.
mereka adalah otai-otai photography yang klasik.

they are official photographer for 2001 XXI sea games, the premier cup series 2000, prominent golf tournaments, langkawi international dialogue (LID), national smart partnerships dialogue (NSPD), MIGHT consultation, economic planning unit (EPU), of the prime minister's department, the convocation ceremony of the various governments and public learning institutions, and so forth.
klasik sangat tau semua projek-projek yang serius je.

mereka adalah kawan kepada bakal mertua i.
hence, they were hired to be the official photographer and videographer for the event.
willy-nilly i redha je, lagipun i pun dah ada avicenna kan.
plus, i dapat videographer yang asalnya tak termasuk dalam budget i pun.

and now the storybook and the video are ready.

overall, the pictures are good.
i guess my parents will like them.
but personally, i think they are a bit classic.
kenapa klasik? okay tengok ni.

kan? haha.

tapi sebab they all biasa ambil gambar untuk sukan, istana and lain-lain event serius, so gambar-gambar suasana memang sangat spectacular.
no, i don't exaggerate, seriously they are.
the pictures are very, very crisp and clear.

whaddahek minah ni cakap pasal suasana pastu letak gambar dia jugakk.
okay okay i bagi contoh suasana.

haaa kan?

and same goes to the video, vivid and sharp.
the edited video is around 40 minutes, and i have no montage to be shown.
the selection of song did make me laugh out loud, haha, sorry uncle!
but again, i guess my parents will love it.

next, stay tune for my post-engagement pictures slideshow.


dijah said...

haha!lagu ape?mesti stok2 lagu dalam pc mama kan..lawak okay

white purple flower said...

jenis2 lagu tu la.haha.mcm tgk video kawen timah plak.

mama2nur said...

terkesan gak video kawin aku kat hati ko.. da 8 taun tu.. still terbayang-bayang lagi ke..?

white purple flower said...

yam ada video x?tak ingat lah.yg aku ingat video ko je.gambar pun cantek.utk zaman tu la bahaha.