Friday, December 10, 2010

dress up my book rack

last tuesday was a public holiday when i decided to tidy up my room.
it was almost a month since my e-day but the goods from that day are not yet packed or kept or cleaned up.
not that i didn't have time but well, i just being lazy hihi.

i have lots of flowers from my e-day that are ready to be used again.

since my book rack previously was kind of boring.

i decided to give it a little touch up using those flowers from my e-day.

and since i already finished my studies, i can now store all my books in a storage box without feeling guilty.

flowers really can bring a room to life, be it fresh or artificial ones.

and this is the end result, which i really like.

paling suka idea d.i.y. flower frame from aty.
nanti nak tiru.


nYomeL said...

awesome! cantek sgt lepas make over. hehehe! semangat sket masuk bilik kann..?? ;)

white purple flower said...

yeps..very true!

pelangi said...

ko kan mmg kreatif bab susun2 ni..

white purple flower said...

sebenarnya tatau dah nak simpan bunga2 tu katne haha.