Thursday, September 2, 2010

school updates

girls, sorry for the lack of updates.
i’m a bit busy lately with "school" things.
this is the last week before raya holiday.
then after raya, only a few weeks left before semester ends.
i've had and still have some projects to finish and exams to take.
so that's kept me busy.

but alhamdulillah, i'm done with my strategic management plan project.
presentation was yesterday and i think we did quite okay.

i didn't sleep the whole night before yesterday.
ohh that was normal for me anyway if i had a submission or presentation or exam the day after.
tapi dah ganti and i had a very long good night sleep yesterday.

till next update. bye.


dijah said...

omg. u buat bolton jugak.
asal nama ko plg bwh?bukan ko plg byk wat keje?

white purple flower said...

i ikut sequence utk turn presentation lah.haruslah i yg buat slide cantik mcm tu.bahagian last la yg penting.future strategic management plan proposal.