Friday, August 27, 2010

kak rabeah

binwani's, pioneer of high fashion fabrics retail in malaysia.
a place where you can find the finest laces, cottons and silks.
be it luxurious silks like italian silk, satin silk, silk chiffon, crepe silk or intricate laces such as french lace, italian lace, cord lace, embroidered cut work lace, chantel lace and also other fashionable fabrics like linens, denims, italian cottons, and more.

they are now having an unbelievable mega sale till 16th september 2010.

i have binwani's privelege card that entitles me to get 15% discount on all normal priced items, a special 25% discount on the month of birthday, a special 20% discount on birthday day, invites to members only fashion show and special preview to all promotional and sale events.
malang seribu kali malang, offer only valid on normal priced merchandise and not valid during sale periods.
this month is my birthday month (and i actually made a purchase on my birthday day).
tapi sebab unbelievable mega sale, i tak dapat diskaun-diskaun tu bila beli ni.

pembelian atas ni memang merugikan.
sebab seminggu kemudian i pergi lagi, and i got an additional 10% discount on my purchase.
kira promotional price minus 10% discount lagi.
thanks to kak rabeah.
you can find her at alamanda's outlet.
she's very nice and helpful.
sehingga menyebabkan pembelian di bawah.

adik-adik, tahun ni tak bagi duit raya boleh?